Patricia Hepp

As an interdisciplinary designer, I deal with questions of spatial design, the relationship of the body to the surrounding space and its social and cultural identity. My field of research, »body coverings«, examines our layered enclosures and the spaces surrounding us in their social construction. Based on a consideration of clothing analogous to architecture, I explore our »living units« from diversity and gender perspectives in their communication and interconnectedness. I pursue a critical examination of conventions in order to stimulate a redesign of social interactions and to establish research and design projects on this basis.

From my selection of works presented here, one can see that I do not start designing after the functional and technological aspects are decided, but that an analysis of the performative itself constitutes my artistic and creative approach. It is an essential part of my work to deal with the methodology and theory of design and to engage in projects of visionary research character. A conceptual artistic approach characterizes my work and from this an interdisciplinary strategy evolves. The method of the work and its realization is determined according to the subject of the content.

In the attached portfolio there are experimental and artistic projects in the field of object and space, as well as applied design of visual communication and exhibitions, and cooperations in architectural projects. An important part of my work is also the visionary approach to the design of living spaces, as was clearly put into practice in the project Kinder Insel Hombroich.

A selection of my courses and lectures are documented herein. For over twenty years I have been teaching the complex challenges of design processes with great commitment and enthusiasm. I consider the development of a training concept to be a design process that establishes itself as a whole through the course of the project work and the results.